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The Rollout Rides

The Rollout Rides began on Thursday May 2, 2024, when over 50 riders gathered at the South Bend Bike Garage for the inaugural Rollout. Aimed at providing an inclusive and fun experience for riders of all ages, riding all types of bikes, and all ability levels, promoting social connection, riding bikes around Michiana, and a fun evening. With several groups to choose from, riders can jump into either social or road rides. Social rides prioritize a fun experience, with no expectations around pace or speed, and take place primarily on paved and protected multi-use trails. Road rides are a little more focused on pace and speed and take place on open roads, though road rides should still be a fun experience. 

The Rollout seeks to bring participants together, led by one or more experienced group ride leaders, to enjoy a night out riding bikes. Whether you are brand new to riding, looking to bring your children or family out to a ride, an intermediate rider looking to build skills and confidence, or an advanced rider training for an event or a race, we've got something for you. 

For more details, see, including routes, information, and education on our social group rides. 

Weekly updates are also posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

We're always looking for volunteer ride leaders, feedback, and ideas on how to best offer and organize our group rides in a fun, safe, and inclusive manner. 

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